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Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Fall Asleep Crying

Is it hard for you to get your baby to sleep through the night? You are not the first person that happens to, you know? But if we have a first recommendation to make, it is to identify all the phrases that you will hear about it and that are not friendly at all with a respectful upbringing.

There are many, isn’t there? “If he sleeps in your bed, you won’t get him to sleep alone”, “Cry to manipulate yourself”, are just some of those made phrases that we should avoid.

Second, you must moderate your expectations as a mother. Because if you pretend that your 4-month-old baby does not wake up all night, then you will quickly become frustrated. The child is not to blame for waking up 2, 3, 4 or 5 times even. High expectations are only set by parents, you know?

You may have even heard or read a recommendation that leaves your baby alone, all night, even if he wakes up and cries. This method even has a name and is called Sleep Your Child, but you should know that if you let a child cry for a long time it has concrete consequences.

Crying in babies and children causes an increase in stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. At one point, already tired of crying, the baby gives up. And this is not healthy. As mammals, we have our phylogenetics. And if the crying and movement stop, it is so as not to attract the attention of possible predators. And what does this mean? That your baby perceives the world as a hostile place, and that she will not be able to count on her parents, who are the main references.

It will produce, in the medium term, a logical adaptation to the situation. This responds to the instinct for survival. The baby will fall asleep exhausted and frustrated. And you will learn that the way to sleep is with stress and not relaxed. That to fall asleep they need to raise their stress levels. And this has consequences for the psyche of adults, did you know?

Like everything, sleep is an evolutionary process and you should not abandon your baby in his crying, but quite the opposite. Accompany him with pampering, caresses, company, teach them to sleep safely and relaxed!. Although it is obvious to clarify it, your baby is not ready for a jump to nothing, without a crib with movement, without the scent of its mother, without relaxing sounds.

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