Wrong Partners Meet On Ebru TV’s ‘Perfect Match’ Show

Ebru TV show dubbed ‘Perfect Match’ is meant to bring together souls searching for love. But their last show redefined their script.

A lady and a gentleman who had sent in their details and those of the partner they were seeking in to fall in love with have shone another light into the program that has been unpopular for quite a long time.

Aleki thought that the lady had gone beyond his expectation and so was the lady Judy.

“Are you a thief or something? You look like a thief or gangster. You look like one.” Judy told her potential love. “I heard you are a f*ckboy”.

Judy could not hide anything she felt inside her soul.

“Next time kama utakuwa umejenga tunaeza ongea but saa hii and some more things…zii.”

As Judy could not take down her ego, so did Alex, who decided to caution her leave the date.

“Chukua food yako na upace. Ama mimi nijitoe? Get going. Aleki said ending their date on a bad note.”



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