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10 Crazy Things Babu Owino Has Done As A Lawmaker

Babu Owino, aka Paul Ongili since being elected as Embakassi MP in Nairobi county has not manned up from campus politics.

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He has made political analysts predictions go wrong always, at first they thought the 32 year old light skinned man would change.

We look at some of the crazy things Babu Owino has done even after becoming a lawmaker

1.Fighting with Starehe MP Charles Jaguar

Babu Owino and musician Jaguar were involved in physical fights within the parliament building. The matter came after the two had a strong disagreement between their party leaders Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta respectively.

2.Abuse office of the president

Moments after his elections, Babu Owino was recorded insulting the presidency, a case that followed his immediate arrest.

3.Abuse Women

He disrespected women when he called them and abused them in the video below

4.Hulling insults to Moses Kuria and Jubilee followers

There has been a verbal war between Moses Kuria and Babu Owino.

One such, Moses Kuria is fighting to get Babu Owino’s foreskin deleted, while Babu Owino is trying to get Moses Kuria’s head cleaned

Babu Owino

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Image result for babu owino I sleep with kikuyu woman

Moses Kuria

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Image result for babu owino moses kuria circumcision

Image result for babu owino moses kuria circumcision

5.Verbal fight with Millicent Omanga

During the wake of NASA demos and fight for electoral justice, Millicent Omanga who lost his race for Naitobi women rep decided to take down Babu Owino.

She wrote.

Related image

Babu Owino took time but when he responded, Millicent Omanga lost the battle with the playboy

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6.Smoking shisha

The lad has been spotted smoking shisha with slay queens, it is not yet known whether he did it while it was still legal or not.

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7.Drinking Alcohol

If you thought Babu Owino does drink, you are very far from the lies. The has got courage to drink even in police cells.

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8.Clubbing with Twerking ladies

Babu Owino was spotted with a raunchy dance. Infact a woman was spotted grinding her waist onto Babu Owino’s ‘transofrmer’

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Related image

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9.Slapping security guard

Babu Owino was averaged on gross misconduct after he was spotted slapping a security guard.

10.Exposing bedroom matters

He stated categorically to one of his followers who was telling him to get circumcised.

Related image

His answer was a bedroom matter.

Image result for babu owino I sleep with kikuyu woman

11.Taking Raila Oath in the parliament

When MPs were being sworn in for the first time in the 11th Parliament, Babu Owino disobeyed the swearing in protocol when he mentioned Raila Odinga in his oath.

12.Relationship with Passaris

Nairobi women rep Esther Passaris who is in her 50s came under spotlight over their relationship with Babu Owino while on political trails.

From their photos, their was love chemistry being brewed between the two.

13.Shocking Insults with Mike Sonko.

During the campaign period, Babu Owino and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko went open with shocking insults to one another.



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