10 Hot & Sexy Akorino Celebs In Kenya

About three years ago, there has been a revolution,thanks to cameras that acts as catalysts in the silent war.

Few cute Akorino ladies, have excited Kenyans by breaking the old fashioned and boring Akorino look, with a modern and trendy Akorino Swag.

The ladies, have no doubt redefined their own field and created themselves a niche in the fashion and modelling fraternity.

In Kenya, Akorino is a famous orthodox church known to be Conservative and very strict on putting on clothes that do not reveal the sexual part of a woman.

Here are some of the cute Akorino girls dashing fast on fashion runways

1.Pesh Kenya

The young Akorino lady by the name Pesh Kenya aka Waitherero. She is a fashion artist and social media influencer

2.Priscilah Careh

Another lady, from Akorino religion turning heads is Priscilla Carey.

She is a fashionista, and make up artist. She had to quit her professional accountant job to venture into entrepreneurship in fashion industry .

She is the founder of Glam with Carey.

3.Akorino in Okaka project

Another cute lass, was brought to light thanks to photographer Felix Okaka.

Okaka was doing a unique project on how Akorino religion was rich in fashion and could be turned into business and culture exchange program

5.Bride in first ever Public Akorino wedding

6.Wagithomo Artist Esther Githinji

7. Stunning Akorino Best Maids

9.Akorino with Grace Msalame looks

10.Young but slayer

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