4 Diseases That You Can Get On The Beach

Going to the beach is one of the great pleasures of a holiday among many. But this seemingly harmless activity can hide some health risks.

We do not want to be alarmist. In fact, 99% of people who walk the beach on summer holiday are as healthy as ever. But, we must not forget some threats to our health that are hidden in the water and sea water. Here we collect four of them.


Mainly the hookworms. These microorganisms usually live in the intestines of dogs, but can reach the beaches through animals that defecate in them.

They penetrate the human body through the skin of people who walk barefoot, and cause a horrible swelling of them. Their presence is more common in tropical countries, but they cannot be found on any beach that is not clean enough. Walking with sandals is the best method to prevent possible infection.

Stomach infections

E-coli is an intestinal bacterium that causes severe diarrhea (in some cases even accompanied by hemorrhages) in infected people. Its presence is common in those places close to sewage discharges

Vaginal infections

The beaches and also the pools can be a source of fungal infection. According to the gynecologists, staying with the wet swimsuit for a long time is the cause of 50% of vaginal infections that occur in the summer. To avoid this, they recommend using cotton swimsuits, changing after the bath and reinforcing the hygiene of the area on the beach days.

Otitis Swimmer

This is what is called the infection of the outer part of the ear, caused by the water that remains inside after swimming. This water can be the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to appear. Although at other times, these organisms cannot be in the water itself.

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