4 Home Remedies To Lower Your Belly

You will agree that the worst nightmare of a woman is to have an important commitment and realize that “nothing” of her clothes is left and that one does not favor the figure.

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So that it does not happen to you, it carries out these homemade remedies to lower the belly. You will not regret!

To start add half to teaspoon of coconut oil to your meals; intake of it increases metabolism while reducing belly fat.

It is advisable that you only try one of these home remedies to lower the belly at a time and not several together.

  1. Rose water

This acts as a natural diuretic that stimulates the functioning of the kidneys.

By ingesting it once a day reduces sodium levels in the blood and therefore avoid fluid retention.

  1. Dandelion and mint

It is fabulous to keep your liver healthy, it also improves several metabolic processes, many of which help in the breakdown of fat.

  1. Cranberry juice

It contains organic acid and enzymes, which improves digestion, and helps reduce the fat that is deposited in the abdomen. However, try not to consume more than one glass since it is high in sugar.

  1. Practical brew

The mixture of these foods will allow your body to reduce or control the increase of fat cells, as well as better absorb nutrients from the food you eat.

While these home remedies to lower the belly are effective, to notice a significant and lasting result is essential to combine with a balanced diet and exercise. Try it!



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