5 Ideas For A Young Family Resolutions In 2022

New Years Eve and the entry into the New Year have become a time of change, of transition, of a clean slate for most of us. Who has not finished the glass of champagne on December 31 promising the whole family the beginning of their sporting life? Or spend more time playing with the children? It is good to have resolutions but the most important thing is to fulfill them! Here are 5 ideas for the family at the beginning of the year… Cheer up!

1. Harmony in the home

So that there is a balance at home and thus a harmony of all its members … let’s get to work! Everyone should help and collaborate at home, each one according to their needs, even the little ones! Use a blackboard to mark what the family members should do each week: set the table, take out the garbage, tell a story to the little one or sing a lullaby to the baby, clean up the room…. Anything goes so that there is a balance and that being at home is a pleasure!

2. Travel

Having unforgettable moments and memories as a family is the most important thing for the future and the personal construction of children. Traveling, getting to know new cultures, aromas and landscapes that are different from our day-to-day lives favor communication and interaction. It’s a great way to bring family members together!

3. Give up or change habits

There are some bad habits, harmful to health, such as smoking, which are one of the most widespread resolutions of the new year. But they can be things like stop biting your nails, stop doing homework at the last minute, not get impulsively angry, avoid looking at your cell phone during meals … small details that can make our day to day much more pleasant.

4. Spend more time with the family

It is one of the initiatives that many parents have at the beginning of the new year. We live in a society where everything goes very fast and sometimes we do not realize that time passes and perhaps we do not spend enough time with our loved ones. teach your child to ride a bike or go for a walk, tell him a bedtime story…. thousand ways to spend a little time together and enjoy each other’s company. The child will be delighted and the parents will enjoy an intimate moment with the child who brings complicity and closeness to the relationship.

5. Continue learning

Not because we are adults means that we know everything in this life. Sometimes we are so involved in our day-to-day work and in raising our children that we forget ourselves a little. For this reason, being motivated to continue learning, or doing activities such as painting, sports, reading a book that you have been advised…. They provide a feeling of well-being and beneficial fulfillment for the state of mind. And likewise to harmony at home. Cheer up!

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