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5 Love Moments Every Woman Wants In A Man

What Exactly Does a Woman Wants?

Five things a woman wants from her husband and a few things singles should take note of

She wants to be listened to.

Every woman wants her man to be a listener. But what do most men do? They rationalize, interrupt and frustrate the ‘talk’ in the woman.
There are different levels of listening. The lowest type is listening for fun. The highest level is empathic listening and this is what your wife requires.

This level of listening involves you putting yourself in the shoes of your wife. It is an involved attention. It is not the type of listening you do whilst reading a newspaper or watching the television at the same time.
It is an eyeball to eyeball attention that communicates that you are involved in what is being said. She wants you to put your phones and tab aside when she is talking.

This need is legitimate in women and it is sad that most men actually and unwittingly push their wives into the hands of some other smart men who are looking for sex and would pretend to be great listeners and caring fellows.
The result is that women try to meet this legitimate need in illegitimate ways, and that brings confusion and disorder into the family.

So husbands, the moment she opens her mouth, just bear with it. After all it has been said that women speak an average of 15,000 more words than men daily!

She wants to hear she is loved.

Every woman can’t hear that enough! She wants to hear, not just daily, but severally on a daily basis from her husband;
“I love you!” So husbands, don’t be old- fashioned, get to work. Tell her before she leaves home every day, call her on phone and send her texts. One man who was always quarreling with his wife asked the woman what the problem is.
She said, the only problem is that he never says, ‘I love you!’ The man said ‘Is that all?’ He went and bought a voice recorder and recorded on it, ‘I love you,’ repeatedly, and thousands of time and gave it to the wife. The wife threw it out of the window.

I’ want to hear it from you! For singles, it is not a sin to verbalize your love for your fiance, it only becomes a sin when you start getting physical. That should be reserved till after marriage.

She wants to spend time with her husband.

Every woman craves fellowship and quality time spent together. For her, money will not necessarily replace this emotional need.

She doesn’t just want an existing husband, she wants an available husband. She doesn’t want an absentee father for her children. Especially, if her love language is quality time, then she really wants to spend time with you.
If your work is the type where you are not always available, then you must make use of the little time you are available to do memorable things she can remember while you are not around. Those little times are not the time to quarrel and fight.

Learn to deposit in her emotional bank account, so she can withdraw when you are not around. Singles, don’t pack into your partner’s house before marriage all in the name of spending time together.
You will not only spend time that way, you also spend some other things you are not supposed to spend yet. It is morally and spiritually wrong to go and live in his house before marriage.
There is no way there won’t be sexual involvement and that can really throw a monkey wrench the relationship rather than cement it.

She wants her husband to help out in household chores and not leave everything to her especially when there are no house helps.

To her, that might be her idea of her husband being romantic. Husbands, get to work and make her happy.

She wants security, commitment and assurance that everything will be okay.

She wants a husband that she can trust, not one that will travel and she would be wondering whether he is in another woman’s embrace.

She doesn’t want a husband who might transfer some sexually transmitted disease to her due to his loose lifestyle! She does not want an irresponsible man who is a source of dual ache, headache and heart ache.
She does not want a man that lacks self control. She wants a lover, a father, a caring man, and a spiritually sound man. Pray for her. Affirm her. She would love you more.

Singles, don’t pray together alone behind closed doors, at 9.00pm. I am not sure the Holy Spirit is with you at that time. A few minutes before pre-marital sex, you will always know, so cut it off and say bye-bye to preserve your destiny and the relationship.

The solution to a sexual temptation is to flee! When the Bible says, ‘run,’ do not say, ‘let’s reason together!’ the moment you know what is about to happen, it is time to run, and not speak in tongues.
Joseph ran away, he became a prime minister. Samson didn’t run, his eyes were gouged out and he was cut off in the midst of his days. May that never be our portion in Jesus name!

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