10 Sins Married Couples Commit

When married, it is when a relationship receives all kinds of temptations and obstacles .

And all and sundry couples are put to test during these moments, whether rich or poor, there is no short cut for this

To caution you, we list some of the worst mistakes married couples go through

Roadblocks and Pitfalls Married folks please Pay Attention. !

10. They live as roommates and not teammates.
9. They allow communication to break down. They stop talking to each other and start talking at each other.
8. They fail to leave home. They stay connected to their parents, friends or whatever source of support they had prior to marriage at the expense of their marriage.
7. They don’t celebrate each other. They tolerate each other instead. They allow complaints to grossly outnumber praises. They don’t value each other.
6. They don’t enjoy each other. They allow their children and careers to consume and overwhelm them.
5. They keep the wrong people in their business and in their ear.
4. They don’t plan money matters well.
3. They build separate safety nets. Opposed to protecting their marriage from all others, they protect themselves from each other with separate or secret bank accounts and passwords.
2. They don’t trust or respect each other. They allow pain to linger and wounds to fester. Forgiveness leaves. Resentment builds. They respect outsiders more than they respect each other.
1. They use intimacy and sex as weapons rather than the loving bond God intended. 

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