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8 Things That Will Destroy Your Relationship

If you aren’t ready to trust, please don’t go into a relationship and don’t think about marriage, below are 8 moments that will destroy your relationship in future

  1. Lack of trust and insecurity.
  2. Lack of communication.
  3. Unnecessary suspicion, you suspect him or her without any evidence.
  4. Too much misunderstanding. Let it be known to you that too much misunderstanding in a relationship kills love.
  5. You are too proud to say i am sorry when you are wrong.
  6. Unguided and harsh statements. Words hurts and words heal. Mind the words you speak to that person you profess to love, as your words can either heal or hurt them beyond your imagination.
  7. Expensive jokes, mind the kind of jokes you crack with your partner, people think differently and can read a different meaning to your joke.
  8. Over jealousy, if you are too jealous unnecessarily, your partner may not be able to stand you and may opt out of the relationship..

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