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5 Types Kenyan Ladies Who Are So Cheap

In the Kenyan setting, ladies should not go after men, but slowly this notion is changing quick and faster than expected.

Women are not only seducing men but even raping them. The idea has been allegedly tied to gender equality campaigns.


What a man can do a woman do better, some women argue. With the rise of Team Mafisi, it was only a matter of time before women also ‘represented’.

A while back, I had an experience with a Fisilet:

“Aki nimeboeka”, she texts me some time in the afternoon. I do what any reasonable person would do- invite her over so we could hang out.

Come evening, I expect the Fisilet to announce her intentions to depart but none are forthcoming.

Come 9 pm, bado amekaa ngumu tu.

“Kwani huendi kejani?”, I finally decide to ask.

“Aki my roomie is not around and she has the only key”, purrs the Fisilet.

That was a valid explanation except for the fact that her roommate is mutual pal and had informed me that she was in bed, in their house.

Being the gentleman that I am, I let her spend the night at my hacienda.

College girls.

For some of them, “live fast die young” seems to be their mantra. Many yearn to live lifestyles way beyond the reach of their mama mboga mothers.

You can easily spot these watotos in tumbo-cut tops exposing a pierced navel. Several nose and earrings complement the look.

They wanna have fun. Buy her some cheap vodka in a club where there’s shisha and you are the man of the hour.

Career women.

Am talking about the workaholics. Social life is just a word to them since all the friends have been married off.

This is the kind of women that believe in the mythical Mr. Right, only for Mr. Menopause to come swaggering into their pathetic lives instead.

Why buy the entire pig when the sausage is free? They will ask when and if you try hinting at getting a steady man.

You can find them in high-end clubs, sitting alone and dressed in expensive, revealing clothes.

They will buy you drinks, chips funga you at her place. She will wake you up in the morning, she will make you breakfast, offer to pay cab fare and off you go.

All they need from you is a sausage.

Sugar mummies

We all have to work in order to survive. But the word “work” has been subjected to different interpretation by some. Here is an example according to

Work- The act of sweating, huffing and puffing while cultivating an old hag’s withered garden, in exchange for monetary value.

Then there is “work” according to the Book of Rihanna co-authored by Drake which you can interpret whichever way you like.

This is a kind of lady that has a high affinity for younger, ‘energetic’ boys. Money is no problem.

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