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6 Things You Should Never Do When Your Partner Leaves

If your partner has just left you for someone else, before doing anything else later, read this.

You do not have to be a psychologist or God to understand this especially  if it’s over another lover

But passing, it can happen, and no one knows how to act in such a situation, we must be prepared for situations that we do not foresee in our life.

First of all, we must have two clear things in mind: common sense and self-love. I know that at this moment the feelings that appear in your head are hate, revenge, pain

 But act impulsively, will not bring good consequences in the future, indeed, it will turn around the tortilla and stay as bad.

6 Things you should NEVER do when your partner leaves you .

Social media revenge

A common form of revenge is to publish everything that happened on social networks, with the sole purpose of ridiculing the other person and letting everyone know what a bastard he has been.

But what do you get with it? Air your life and give everyone the opportunity to have an opinion about your attitude and your life?

Not worth it. In addition, it can go wrong and that people think: “Now we understand why I left with the other”

Do not pay with “the other”

She (or he) is not to blame for your partner having misbehaved with you. So do not waste your time making mental schemes of how to plunge your life. She is not at fault, she was free. Your partner, no

Do not mount scenes in public

Doing this will leave you as crazy and we do not want this. You have enough with what you’re going through, so that they think you’re crazy.

Do not look for a substitute immediately

You will remain as a spite that you seek another to dry your tears. Give yourself time, overcome it, you will overcome it, you will be able to find another person who really deserves it, but with peace of mind.

Do not crawl

Do not cry, do not beg, NO. It is done. I have left you for another and the only thing left is to assume it and move forward. Nobody dies of love, you were not going to be the exception.

Do not talk to your family and friends

First of all, they are your friends and your family, so as a general rule they will be positioned by your side. The only thing you are going to do with this is to feel empty and alone. Everything you have to talk about and do with your family.

Nothing is eternal, not even this fucking situation.

To behave like an enraged girl will not do you good. Being another person that you are not, will not make you stronger, or better.

Calm down, love yourself and give yourself time. Everything will be passed and life will be put in place to put everyone in their place.

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