6 Ways To Keep Your Kidneys Health

Kidneys play a key role in our body, and we all need to show them some love by taking good care of their health.

Here are six ways to ensure our kidneys are safe and sound.

Keep active and fit

It will keep away chronic kidney disease and reduce blood pressure

Walking, running and cycling are great for your kidney

Control your sugar

If you do not control your sugar, your kidneys will be forced to work extra hard, thus causing damage to them.

Drink enough water

About 8 glasses of water is recommended and you good to go as you do lubrication

Don’t smoke

Smoking reduces blood flow to your kidneys due to damaged blood vessels and also increases cancer risk

Monitor Blood Pressure

Keeping in check will help good blood flow and ensure that the kidneys are well served with blood

Eat Healthy

Check on your weight and eat good food always

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