8 Tips To Improve Your Concentration

Better concentration can help us develop our personal projects and be more efficient at work. If you consider that your concentration levels can improve, this article is perfect to help you.

8 tips to work on your concentration at work.

1. Hierarchize the tasks

Prioritize the most important activities you need to do. Surely you are wondering how you can achieve it. We give you a piece of advice: write several lists. In the To list: add the tasks that you must deliver with the greatest urgency. In list B you can put the activities to do in the next week. And, if you wish, add in the C list the extra things that you must advance little by little. Don’t let the work pile up!

2. Moderate the use of email

One of the factors that can make you lose concentration very easily is the sound of your email inbox every time you receive a message. Does it happen to you? These external cues can divert all of your attention.

We know that in many jobs the use of email is vital, but you can check it from time to time. Try not to always be connected, unless it is strictly necessary.

3.Avoid distractions

A new notification on Facebook, a recent interaction on Twitter, a comment on your new Instagram photo, a casual conversation on the phone – all of these can lead to distraction. Try to establish a balance between leisure and work time. Don’t need to use the internet for a moment? So don’t connect. Getting off the grid for a few minutes won’t hurt.

4. Divide the work into several parts

Do you feel like you can’t handle everything? Perhaps you are trying to take on too much at once. If you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, you will surely feel that any task you have to accomplish is too much for you. Relax and try to solve the work little by little. Set realistic goals and try to accomplish what you can, without feeling overloaded with activities.

5.Set a timer

Use a timer to ring at certain times so you can better organize your time to accomplish each task. Use the different to-do lists. This will allow you to focus your attention on what you need to do and avoid detours and distractions.

6. Tidy up your workspace

Having a tidy house makes you feel better, right? Well, the same thing happens in your workplace. Keeping a clean and organized space will allow you to improve order, your focus and productivity. Organize papers, folders, instruments and other work tools. Avoid clutter.

7. Use relaxation techniques

A very simple way to relax at work is to take short breaks. Overloading your mind with things to do causes a counterproductive effect. You can also spend your lunch hour walking, deep breathing, or meditation.

8.Take notes

If you have trouble remembering some things, use your phone or notepad as an ally. Write down every meeting, every assignment or task to be done

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