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Daring Daylight Robbers Use Bombs To Hijack Cash-Transit Freight

A group of daring robbers in South Africa bombed two cash vans on a busy highway in bid to steal cash from the highly guarded vans.


South African police reported that a group of more than 10 men were involved with modern high calibre firearms and rifles.

At the time of reporting, only 7 robbers had been nabbed and atleast one riffle recovered with one gateway vehicle. Seven bags of bank notes were also spared.

There were huge reports in local newspapers in South Africa, indicating that among the robbers were police officers.

“They managed to leave about seven bags behind and there are some notes left spread around the bombed vans,” said a police source on the scene.

The heinously planned heist executed on Thursday had been trailing the cash with several vehicles such as SUV and BMW 5 Series.

“Several shots were fired before the vans were bombed and undisclosed sum of money was taken. One of the guards was shot in the leg and sustained minor injuries and the other guard sustained head injuries.  They have been taken to the hospital for treatment,” SAPS Provincial spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said in a statement.

Police have launched an intensive search for the remaining suspects.

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