Eating Alone Can Be Bad For Your Health

Eating is an activity that is often linked to social life. Therefore, doing it on a regular basis can be a bit sad and, in addition, can also have negative consequences for health. A study conducted with 8,000 adults by a team from the Oxford Economics and the National Center for Social Research in the United Kingdom, has revealed that eating can only be linked to an increased risk of overweight, depression and metabolic syndrome. But why?

The causes can be very diverse. According to the authors of the study, there are people who like to eat a lot but, in the presence of others, they are more restrained. Although when they are alone they have no qualms about unleashing their appetite. Also, if that loneliness is not desired, it can generate anxiety, which ends up causing the person to eat more and also less healthy foods.

Of course, this study has its limitations. It is not the same as a person eat alone because he has chosen, that when that loneliness is imposed. In addition, we must take into account other factors such as socioeconomic factors, which on this occasion have not been assessed.

But the results are quite interesting, and indicate that from time to time it is not wrong to sit with someone at the table to share lunch or dinner.



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