How To Convert WhatsApp To Business Profile

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. Due to its many functions, a large number of businessmen have come to it to have contact with their clients in a more professional way than is conventional.

Through WhatsApp Business you can enjoy more tools suitable for your business.

Among the possibilities offered by this communication method you can find templates. These will help you create welcome messages for your clients, as well as configure messages when you are absent to notify your clients when you will be available again.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business

One of the benefits that business WhatsApp has for your company is that you will be able to know what the statistical movement of your customers is like, what their preferences and needs are.

Another interesting aspect is that you can insert the URL of your company your business website in this new profile.

WhatsApp Business will bring great advantages for the growth of your company / Photocomposition
In the same way, this messaging service will allow you to easily share information about your company with your clients. These include the business location, email address, and business hours.

Also responding to your messages will now be much easier and you will provide your customers with a higher quality so that they continue to prefer your business.

Steps to follow to change your profile to business

Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download WhatsApp Business; once installed, enter the application.
Read the terms of service and press the “Accept and continue” button.

Then you must decide if you will use WhatsApp Business with your current phone number or with another (if you choose to use it with another number, press the “Use a different number” button.
Press the button where your current phone number appears and you will receive a 6-digit registration code via SMS message.

Then you must authorize the application to transfer your files that are in your personal WhatsApp
In the event that your WhatsApp profile is protected by the two-step verification, you must enter your secret code to continue with the file transfer.

After you have made the file transfer, you must enter the name of your company in the profile, select the category, put a brief description and the address and then press the “Next” button.
After this, select how often you want your backup to be made.

And voila, now you can start enjoying all the communication tools that WhatsApp Business has for your business.

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