Interesting Facts About Kirinyaga Graduate Who Owns Charging Cables Factory

In the todays competitive world of manufacturing technological solutions, Kenya lies miles behind when it comes to production to end user needs

But one man from Kirinyaga is refusing to subscribe to this notion by coming up with his own local factory.

Below are some of the interesting facts we managed to uncover about the inspiring story .

  1. The start up is owned by one Muthungu Anthony, a 28 year old graduate of Engineering
  2. The start-up dubbed TOTOSCI Holdings LTD specializes in manufacturing high-quality, authentic USB cables and chargers.
  3. The technology factory is located at Kiangwaci, kirinyaga county
  4. Muthungu’s business venture has caught the attention of the country’s political elite who have since promised to push for necessary legislation in Parliament to create a more conducive business environment for such critical inventions and innovations.

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