Why The Motorist Drugging Could Not A Theft Case

Kenyans have complained of different ways Nairobi con men are using to steal from them including being drugged to suffocation.


But one incident hit the headlines yesterday of a femate motorist getting drugged by an over the windscreen handed flier, she was in the car alone and she had to shout for help.


“it has just happened at uhuru highway karibu na nyayo hse….be on the lookout esp ukiwa kwa gari alone that’s her car and she was alone bt tumemsaidia hatumjui hata….alikuwa kwa gari yake pekee yake akapewa hako ka flyer….kumbe kako drugged…..ameshout at once help tukajua kuna noma,” this is the message that was circulated along the photos

So does it look like a theft case by another witty conmen?

But according to the owners of  the company in the fliers, this is just business politics and it should not be taken seriously:


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