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Sexual Attraction: 7 Reasons Why It Occurs

The magic word: SEX  is something that attracts us all and you are sure to be curious to know, because something as wonderful as sexual attraction occurs, even in people, who we do NOT like at first glance:

 Sexual Attraction: 7 reasons why it occurs

1- The physical appearance

The image, our physique, is the first thing that draws attention to the other person: good legs, beautiful eyes, a sensual mouth, a good “front”, delicate and elegant hands … they attract attention and interest grows to get closer .

2- The gestures, the way of moving

Our gestures deeply attract your attention. The fact that they find us, sensual, feminine or manly, interesting, sexy, beautiful, flexible, elegant or athletic, our way of walking, tilting our heads, sitting down and crossing our legs

3- The look

The look is essential. The exchange of flirtatious, mischievous, insinuating, languid, deep glances… are worth a thousand words.

3- the voice

The sound of our voice can be captivating, without really knowing why. Regardless of the content of our conversation, the sound and cadence of our intonation can trap and subjugate them.

4- The character

The character, the sympathy or the interesting air, the distant and cold or warm and endearing or fresh and fun treatment, the naturalness, the smile … They can penetrate very deeply.

5- Our smell

But after the approach, the definitive reason is due to the secretion of hormones that we expel and that reach the other person through smell. When this happens, we become irresistible and the opposite sex cannot turn away from us. Sometimes inexplicably, because physically it had not caught our attention.

6- The way of seeing life

Then already, once trapped in our networks, if on top of that we turn out to be fun, dynamic and very entertaining, intelligent and talkative, original, surprising, sportsmen… it is the ultimate!

7- sex

The sexual game begins with all this cocktail of ingredients and can have a short or very long life, depending on whether all the factors involved are real and authentic or not. Let’s not forget that the hormones that we breathe can make us believe what it is not.

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