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Simple 5 Whatsapp Tricks To Reveal If Your Lover Is Unfaithful

Did you know that there are some WhatsApp tricks that will let you know if your partner is unfaithful?

Surely you’re already rubbing your hands because you’ve been suspecting for some time that your relationship is not the same.

But wait, calm down, a little peace of mind, we already know that an infidelity is not infidelity until you confess or you get caught in the dough.

Everything that these WhatsApp tricks can tell you, you will have to corroborate.

The most used instant messaging application has some privacy gaps. The gap gets even bigger if you decide to look at your lover’s cell phone, something you already know is ethically reprehensible.

But of course, you have well-founded suspicions that you’re putting your horns and you want stronger proofs.

1. Last connection

The first suspicion appears when your boyfriend takes away the possibility of seeing his last connection. Before you could see and now not.

Why? Nobody sees when you have connected for the last time may be a matter of privacy with nothing to do with infidelity, we warn. But, why is this zeal that your lover did not have before?

2. Blue sticks

The thing gets complicated when your lover removes the blue color of the double check. So you never know if you have read your messages or not. You cannot ask why he or she has not answered you and the truth is that you cannot know if  has connected later or not.

There is no proof,  they can always say that  had not seen those messages.

So you have not had to use your partner’s phone. For the rest of the tricks, you will need to skip all the ethical rules and gossip on your mobile. It will be complicated, because you know that unfaithful people do not release their phone for a second.

3. Download images

Have you removed the option to download images? You can see it if you go to settings, then to chat and calls and then to automatic download. If the images box is not activated, it is because you do not want to be downloaded automatically. What images are you afraid to receive? The answer remains in the air.

4. No messages arrive when he is with you

Have you noticed that WhatsApp never comes to you when it is with you? It may be coincidence or it may even be a matter of education because you do not want to interrupt your time together. But it may also be that you forced the application to quit receiving unexpected messages.

5.The ultimate WhatsApp trick to know if your boyfriend is unfaithful

So far, all are suspicions of infidelity and you have not obtained more information than that your boyfriend or girlfriend is a very jealous person of his privacy. But there is a WhatsApp trick that is already expert level and with at least you will have a few questions to ask.

Infidel people usually delete chats or some messages with their lover. But we talk about the Internet and here everything leaves traces. Go to the WhatsApp configuration of your lover’s phone, go through data and storage and stop using storage. There will appear the people with whom more data and storage have spent. There they are, if you have deleted them or not, at least you will know who they are talking to on WhatsApp.

You got it? Well, now let’s recover our sanity. You know that snooping on your fiance’s cell phone is wrong, right? So when you want to face the situation with a question and with the tests that your WhatsApp has given you, you will have to admit that you have invaded their privacy. Do not let blame overtake you, because gossiping on your mobile phone is ugly, but ugly is infidelity.

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