How Does Your Urine Color Affects Your Health?

Many Kenyans never thought of the existence of different urine color and how it will have an impact on their health

Urine is commonly used to diagnose diabetes and test pregnancy.

If your urine is colorless; it’s transparent, it means you have adequate water in the body thus remains healthy.

What changes the colour of your urine? Certain foods like beets, berries, beans and medications can have effect on your urine colour; most of the over-the-counter drugs will probably change the colour to lemon yellow or greenish blue. Other significant of the colour change can be the cause of diseases of the kidney and liver.

Pale straw colour means you are normal, healthy and well-hydrated. It is common knowledge that grabbing 8 glasses of water will make the body hydrated and fit for healthy activities

If your urine shows dark yellow colour it means you’re dehydrated and consequently you should drink more water. Drinking clean and pure water will do reverse to colourless which is a sign of health.

On the extreme end, when your urine is amber/honey colour, it means your body is not getting sufficient water. You are advised to work on increasing water intake otherwise you are giving your body difficult times.

On the same note, what if your urine colour is brown/syrup? In such scenario, you should visit a doctor since as it is an indication of a liver disease or severe dehydration. Befriend health professionals and know the problem instantly.

If you realize your urine colour turned orange, there is a possibility of dehydration, liver disease or as a result of food dye. Liver is a chief organ in the body and if it fails, it comes with health complications and finally can cause death. Be warned, seek medical advice early enough.

Since the colour of your urine gives you details about your health, what if it is Foaming and fizzling? This kind of detection is rare but should you come across it, run to see a doctor immediately. Excess protein in your daily diet or far worse, you have kidney problems.

The bottom line is to have enough water in your body all the time. Drinking eight glasses of water per day is the perfect healthy solution for your body.



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