Bug Exposes Twitter User Passwords

There has been an alarming on 17th May  on many phones when they accessed their Twitter account: it was necessary to change the password as soon as possible for security. What’s the rush? Are we running a serious risk if we ignore it?

The technical manager of the company, Parag Agrawal, has been obliged to warn the more than 330 million users that they have detected a serious internal error.

Twitter saves all the passwords of its users in an encrypted form, that is, it has an internal file by which each of them is translated into numbers and letters that have nothing to do with our real password (a process they call “hashing”) .

But recently they have detected “malware” that prevented that information from appearing like this, so that hundreds of millions of accounts were exposed to all the workers of the company.

From Twitter say they have been cautious and have verified that there has been no theft of this information or misuse of it by third parties, so that no account is in danger of being hacked.

Even so, and as to security measure, they ask all users to immediately change their password and the accounts associated with the Twitter account to ensure that all accounts reappear encrypted.

Among the tips that ask for the creation of a new password, Agrawal recommends:

– Use a strong password that is not used in other websites or social networks.

– Do a “double” check when we log into our account, which will allow it to be more powerful and harder to hack.

– If you are not very skilled in difficult passwords, use a strong password creator, which will help you find the best one of all, adapted to you.

Finally, they regret the error and hope not to lose the trust they have in all its users. At least, they have known how to act in time and anticipate future problems.



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