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5 Morning Attitudes That Reduce Productivity For The Rest Of Your Day

What attitudes should you put aside when you wake up to achieve more productive days?

Starting the day with the wrong actions could lead to your whole day being affected.

Find out below what makes you lose time at the beginning of your day and change those attitudes to achieve more productive days .

1.Postpone the alarm

You have an average of 5 alarms to get up in the morning and anyway you always wait for the last possible moment to get up.

This can not only harm your mood, but it will surely make you have to run away and even then you probably will not arrive on time.

2 .Cell phone in hand just wake up

You still have not opened both eyes but on your Smartphone straight to Facebook, WhatsApp, email and all the functions you use regularly have already been activated.

Better leave this for downtimes like the one you use on the bus. Do not delay what is important with questions that can wait.

3.You do not eat breakfast

You do not eat breakfast or do it at full speed, reduce productivity to your day, even if it’s hard to believe it.

Breakfast is according to nutrition specialists the most important meal of the day  and is the one that gives you the energy to put into operation the physical and mental machinery, so skipping it is not a good idea.

4. You do not get up organized

Small actions like getting up in a hurry and starting to think about what you will wear to go to work or college or to just start your lunch tomorrow takes less time than you think.

If this is organized the night before, you will have less to “stress” when you just get up; and also, it will be better done.

5 .Start with what you can expect

You arrive at work and start your task so you can wait, for example, answering each email.

 If you want your day to be more productive, begin to solve the work that is heaviest in the morning. Probably at this time of day is when you are most awake, so you should take advantage of it to get the most possible load, since after lunch the levels of concentration begin to fall.

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