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8 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous

It happens many times in relationships that we get distracted or stop trying because we believe that everything is assured.

But love does not come with a guarantee and if you get distracted, the expiration date starts.

Is there any way to stop the disinterest in a couple?

There are many, but we have been asked how to make a boyfriend jealous to react.

Previous warnings about jealousy to your partner

We are not in favor of using jealousy in the relationship. In fact, the goal would be to live in a relationship without jealousy because they are part of those toxic behaviors that we should avoid.

We must separate the jealousy, we must put them aside because they are not a sign of love, but of insecurity.

And most of the time jealousy conceals a feeling of very dangerous possession .

That’s why we insist that if your partner has lost interest there are other ways to try to solve it, for example, practicing the noble, healthy and effective art of a sincere communication .

How to make your boyfriend jealous

8 tricks to make your boyfriend jealous

Now, if you still think that jealousy is what you want to do, we will not leave you alone in the task either. Although think twice or three times before putting an element such as jealousy in your partner.

1 When someone calls you, even if it’s your mother, get away and answer the call from another room with the door closed . Your boyfriend will start thinking you do not want him to hear your conversation.

2 Discuss without giving much importance that your ex has called you to stay for a coffee

3 Tell him that Alex has recommended a great restaurant and that you could go out to dinner tonight.

Your boyfriend will ask you who is Alex (because it is the first time you mention it) and you will say as if it was evident that your new co-worker.

4 Make that Alex appear (or put the name you want) in almost all conversations with your boyfriend.

5 Do not answer the phone the next time your boyfriend calls you. Return the call a few hours later.

6 You can do the same with WhatsApp , that you see online but without answering your message. Then call him as if nothing had happened.

7 Make more life out of the couple , stay more with your friends or sign up for an interesting course.

8 Do not cut yourself off from interacting on social networks with other kids. And let your boyfriend see it.

But beware. These tricks work for your boyfriend to be alert and react, but his reaction may be the opposite of what you expect.

So do not start this game of jealousy if you are not willing to accept the consequences.

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