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3 Words You Must Say When You Are The One Who Ends The Relationship

The farewells, of whatever kind, are difficult. And when it comes to a break, the pain triples. When you are the one who has decided to leave the relationship, finding the right words so as not to hurt the other person becomes a complicated mission, but you do not have to suffer it.

African couple having relationship problems, Cape Town, South Africa

Be honest and explain the reasons why are you ending the relationship, always remember the importance of being educated and thinking about the other’s feelings. Be clear, precise and very specific; To make things easier, do not forget to mention three keywords that we share below:

  1. Thanks

Thanks for the good always, in most cases it is no longer necessary to mention the bad. So focus on the good times and the learning that you are in that relationship. Do it for you and you will see that you will feel much better.

  1. Forgiveness

To ask for forgiveness or forgiveness is essential to close circles in the best way. Do not leave pending issues and give yourself the opportunity to forgive if they hurt you or ask for forgiveness if you were the one who caused it.

  1. Goodbye

Saying goodbye is key, especially when you are 100% sure that the other person will no longer be part of your life and also to make clear that there will be no return. Thus, you will not waste your time thinking that you can “recover”.



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